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Follow up aerial shoot culls 1649 pests

A follow-up aerial shoot in the western Riverina has eradicated 1649 pests from the landscape, adding to more than 5600, including 4750 pigs, removed in an extensive aerial program late last year.

“The drought conditions from the last aerial program to now have eased a little but this follow up shoot was important to keep populations down this year to try to beat the rate of reproduction,” said Manager Biosecurity and Emergency Services Michael Leane.

“Last year we achieved really high numbers and combined with the impact the drought’s had, populations are down this time around. Comparing property data we’re seeing up to a 90 per cent reduction over the past six months.”

Aerial surveillance has underpinned the past three years of pest control in the Western Riverina Pig Project area, Mr Leane said.

“Data has been collected annually and we had a drone fly over priority properties a month before this shoot to make sure we are targeting areas where high densities of feral pigs are.”

Mr Leane said Local Land Services will continue to work with landholders in the project area to carry out strategic trapping and baiting.

“There’s no room for complacency now. On the back of these two shoots, if pest control is maintained consistently we hope to see populations stay right down.”

This program was coordinated by Local Land Services and involved the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, local community groups and landholders. For more information on pest animal management, landholders can contact their nearest Local Land Services office on 1300 795 299. The program used funding from the 2018 Pest and Weed Drought Funding Program.


Media contacts:

Simone Norrie - Riverina Local Land Services - 0419 648 813

Matt Lane - Murray Local Land Services - 0427 459 755

Charlie Whiteley - Western Local Land Services - 0428 679 974