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Traceability essential on Travelling Stock Reserves

Riverina Local Land Services announced last month that radio collars would be fitted to a percentage of each of the mobs using the region's Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR) network to allow better traceability and an accurate record of where stock have travelled.

In conducting the fitting of collars on a mob in the region on November 22 it was identified that there was 182 cattle more than the permit for 355 head allowed.

Additionally, 45 stock were without National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) tags.

"While we've had patchy rain across the region in the past month, the TSRs are constantly being assessed for adequate feed and water supplies which is why numbers of permits need to match up with what stock are actually on the route," Riverina Local Land Services General Manager Rob Kelly said.

"This is to ensure equitable access for all of our customers."

"It's also our priority to maintain a sustainable feed base so we can assist customers to move between destinations particularly in the current drought conditions."

Mr Kelly said that stock without NLIS tags pose a significant biosecurity risk as traceability is non-existent.


Media contact: Simone Norrie – Riverina Local Land Services – 0419 648 813