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Saltbush assists in Rangelands Paddock Restoration project

Land managers in the Hay plains area are working with Riverina Local Land Services to revegetate degraded areas by planting native trees and shrubs.

Matt Headrick from ‘Round Box’ near Booligal, 80 km north of Hay is creating an environment to encourage perennial grasses to grow in an aim to restore paddocks on his property.

With help from Riverina Local Land Services, Mr Headrick is in the process of restoring nearly 20 hectares of heavily grazed paddocks and will manage a further 1,180 hectares for groundcover for the next 10 years.

Riverina Local Land Services, Senior Land Services Officer Rangelands/Grazing, Sally Ware said restoration of old holding paddocks was an ongoing issue for land managers in the riverine plains area.

“The Rangelands Paddock Restoration project aims to assist farmers to restore productivity to these paddocks by taking positive action to revegetate degraded areas with local native perennial species,” she said.

Ms Ware said 18.6 hectares of old man saltbush was planted in two paddocks near the woolshed on ‘Round Box’, as part of the project.

“The seedlings were strategically planted in rows 10 metres apart with four metre spacings between bushes to create a microenvironment, which will encourage smaller saltbushes and perennial grasses to grow,” she said.

“Once established, the two small paddocks can be used to shelter off shears stock or hold stock for short periods before yarding.”

Mr Headrick said over the 10-year period of the contract and with managed grazing he hoped to have significantly restored several small holding paddocks around his woolshed.

“The end result will be increased plant biodiversity and increased groundcover in a previously heavily grazed area,” he said.

This project was supported by Riverina Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme and Catchment Action NSW.

For further information contact Sally Ware on 0429 307 627 or

Caption: Matt Headrick from ‘Round Box’ near Booligal in one of his small paddocks near a woolshed that has been recently planted with old man saltbush, as part of the Riverina Local Land Services Rangelands Paddock Restoration project.

Media contact: Tracey Bell - 02 6923 6353 / 0428 435 029