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Land managers regenerate the landscape in the mid Riverina

Land managers in the mid Riverina are changing the landscape through voluntary management agreements which will see more than 520 hectares regenerated over the next 10 years.

Working with Riverina Local Land Services, 35 farmers will plant and protect 520 hectares of native vegetation including fencing new tree corridors and existing vegetation to improve paddock design and increase the long-term natural resource base within the region.

Riverina Local Land Services, Acting Land Services Manager, Jonathan Berryman said over time the mid Riverina had been intensively cleared and cultivated – leaving isolated areas of remnant vegetation vulnerable to decline.

“Land managers have noticed big old paddock trees succumb to dieback, leaving some paddocks completely treeless,” he said.

“Planting native vegetation into the landscape and linking remnant areas creates resilient farmland, with improved ecological functioning and more productive land.”

Mr Berryman said more than 80,000 trees would be planted across 170 hectares which was previously absent of native vegetation to increase the habitat for native species.

“The work involved in this project will allow the mid Riverina to be more resilient to stressors such as drought through the improved ecological functioning of the revegetated land,” he said.

“Other on ground works include the improvement of 50 hectares of waterways to deliver cleaner water by removing stock access using fencing, creating alternative watering points and tree planting.”

Steven and Cindy Scott near Henty are involved in the project, which has allowed them to future proof their farm.

“We have redesigned paddocks using tree corridors and fenced around old trees,” they said.

“Amazingly, new seedlings around the old trees have emerged in only a few short months.”

Mr Berryman said landholders involved in the project would actively manage the area for the next 10 years through the control of pest animals and weeds.

This project was supported by Riverina Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme and Catchment Action NSW.

For further information contact Project Manager Leanna Moerkerken 6923 6351 or

Caption: Cindy and Steven Scott look over an area of mature Yellow Box where native shrubs and other tree species have been directly seeded.

Caption: Native vegetation corridor being direct seeded.