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Riverina Local Land Services & Goldenfields Water County Council trialling Wi-Fi technology for pest animal control

Riverina Local Land Services is currently trialling Wi-Fi transmitters on two pest animal traps located on a Travelling Stock Reserve at Coolamon.

The Wi-Fi network is an innovation from Goldenfields Water County Council (GWCC) who have recently commissioned 12,000 GWCC water meter transmitters & 34 receiver base stations (Network Hubs) with Taggle Systems.

The network currently has room for other transmitters on the system and Riverina Local Land Services is keen to trial the transmitters across a number of areas including pest animal trapping, soil moisture monitoring and stock movements.

Goldenfields Water County Council have transmitters which are capable of monitoring electric fence continuity, soil moisture, temp/humidity, stock/animal tracking, float level, rainfall, meter reading, movement sensor and animal traps. By adding smart mapping/GIS database functions data can be assessed and used to send alerts via sms.

Land Services Manager Michael Dunn says the use of this technology allows officers to only check the traps that have been activated resulting in savings in time and resources.

"An alert is sent directly to the mobile phone of the responsible Local Land Services officer after the transmitter detects the motion of the trap door as it closes when an animal takes the bait", he added.

"It is important that we use all measures possible for identification of pest animal trapping and support the development of more sophisticated approaches," said Mr Dunn. 

Goldenfields Water County Council intends to produce sensor technology to match the transmitters. This will increase demand and lead to building additional jobs in the region.

Goldenfields Water County Council are partnering in three trials using the new technology within the Riverina region on top of their water meter monitoring network. The three trials involve farm security near Temora, temperature/humidity monitoring at the Junee Wetlands and pest animal trapping with Riverina Local Land Services.


Media contact:  Tracey Bell 6932 3253 or 0428 435 029