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2019/20 - Grants and funding

Farming Smarter - A soils project for the next generation

This project focuses on precision agriculture for pastures and working with the next generation of farmers to manage the risks
of acidification and hill-slope erosion in the eastern Riverina. Riverina Local Land Services will use soil testing on a paddock
scale in the topsoil (0-10cm) and subsoil (10-20cm) to measure soil pH and exchangeable cations. Precision agriculture
technology will be used to generate soil management maps and guide producers’ decisions on investing in lime and perennial
pastures on their properties.

This project for the next generation focuses on guiding decisions in terms of investing in new perennial pastures, liming acidic soils before sowing to new pastures and reducing the risk of wind and water erosion.

Click here for full information on this project.

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Below is a grants opportunity by Greening Australia. They are seeking expressions of interest from landholders who live within 30kms from the core breeding habitat of Superb Parrots along the Murrumbidgee river between Carrathool and Wagga Wagga.

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Landholders in the Riverina Local Land Services region were able to apply for incentive funding in 2019/20. Below is a snapshot of each project. Expressions Of Interest for the below projects closed in August 2019; however, if you would like information on them please follow the links below.

Farm dams for biodiversity

Farm dams are an important farm asset that provides drinking water for livestock or water storage for irrigation. With proper
management these dams can lead to increased on-farm productivity and profitability as well as providing improved on-farm
biodiversity and ecosystems. This project will work with farmers to improve the water quality and biodiversity values of farm dams as well as improve grazing management adjacent to the dam. Click here for full information, including a project area map.

Paddock shade and shelter

Large isolated trees scattered across paddocks provide significant benefits for both farm productivity and to the broader landscape.
Incentives are available to landholders to take positive actions to protect, restore and establish native paddock trees across the region. Click here for full information, including a project area map.

Landholder training

This project is designed to assist landholders to undertake training courses in a group environment. Landholders will be
advised what courses will be available and to what amount they will receive a rebate after Expressions Of Interest close. Click here for full information, including a project area map.

Adjungbilly Creek Catchment - Save Our Species

The Adjungbilly Creek is a unique catchment in the Riverina Local Land Services region due to its populations of a number of endangered plants and animals. Through this ongoing project, we have improved habitat for endangered species and ecological communities through the protection and restoration of 233 hectares of the catchment by revegetating gullies to improve water quality, protected areas of native vegetation by installing 46 kilometres of fencing and re-established corridors of native vegetation by planting 30,000 native trees and shrubs. Click here for full information, including a project area map.

Saving Our Squirrel Gliders

This project aims to improve breeding and foraging habitat through the planting of new corridors and protection of core breeding habitat. This project works with land owners within the project area to restore existing vegetation and create new vegetation corridors that will provide new and improved foraging and nesting habitat. This project will also help coordinate pest control activities for foxes. A coordinated approach to baiting will lead to a greater reduction in their numbers and reduce the impact of predation. In conjunction with these on ground works we will also be running community based monitoring in the form of spotlighting events. Click here for full information, including a project area map.

Saving Swift Parrots and Threatened Woodland Species

This project aims to improve the long-term viability of nationally endangered Swift Parrot’s and co-occurring threatened species through the planting of habitat and protection of mature feed trees. Click here for full information, including a project area map.