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Community Grants

The Riverina Local Land Services Community Grants program 2017-18 is aimed at supporting community and industry groups to carry out on-ground, capacity building, education and other activities with a natural resource management (NRM) and sustainable landscapes focus.

Successful applicants from 2017/18 funding round

Name of Project


Amount approved

Brief description


Scattered Paddock Trees - Trees for Life

Riverina Highlands Landcare Network


The aim of this project is to reverse paddock tree decline by protecting and reinstating paddock trees in our landscape. The project will offer incentives to:

1.Protect Paddock Trees

Large hollow bearing trees will be fenced to allow natural regeneration. Fencing off from stock followed by revegetation will extend the life and the habitat value of these trees.

2. Planting New Paddock Trees

Advanced locally native trees will be planted and individual tree guards will be constructed to prevent stock damage.

Riverina Highlands including former Tumut/Gundagai LGA

Native Pollinators in the Riverina Local Land Services Region

Australian Melon Association


This project will build the capacity of melon growers to identify, support and better manage the wild pollinators that visit melon crops in the Riverina region. The abundance and diversity of wild insect pollinators will be evaluated both on melon crops and the surrounding vegetation. This will inform growers how to best manage and improve natural resources on or near farms, and in particular the critical food resources that support managed and wild pollinators.

Project findings will be communicated through industry networks, including regular grower meetings, newsletters and the melon industry website.

This project is a pilot for further research work with other pollination industries in the Griffith region such as citrus and almonds.

Melon farms in the Griffith, Hay, Hillston and Yenda area

Environmental Liaison Committee Small Projects Fund

Temora Shire Council


The Temora Shire Council, through the Environmental Liaison Committee, administers a $10,000 fund comprised of Local Land Services and Temora Shire Council funds to kick start small environmental projects within the Temora Local Government Area.

Traditionally applicants have been Landcare Groups and Schools, but sporting clubs delivering environmental projects have also been funded in the past including Temora Golf Club and the Temora Greyhound Club.

Temora Local Government Area

School/Community Interactive Workshops at local reserves

Petaurus Education Group Inc.


The project will deliver a variety of workshops to the community  involving children and their families. These workshops will see over 300 students, parents and community members gather at the three sites with local experts to identify the local plants and animals, learn how to master a botanical drawing facilitated by a local Wiradjuri artist.

Day and evening events will include Bush Treasure Hunts, photography sessions, cultural heritage activities, pollination talks, nest box monitoring, weed identification and removal, macroinvertebrate study, frog spotting and tree planting.

There will be sessions involving landholders focusing on their commitments to sustainable land practices. E.g. Dung beetle talks, visiting Landcare rehabilitation sites, and learning how a local landholder is heavily involved in the conservation of the endangered squirrel glider.

The Five ways Travelling Stock Reserve at Henty, Galore Hill Reserve near Lockhart and The Rock Reserve

Across The Fenceline

Harden Murrumburrah Landcare Group


A series of five new soil moisture probes, located in strategic soil types and in tactical landscape positions, will allow multiple off-site growers, agronomists & interested landholders from the region the capability to make fertilizer and other decisions from their data. Soil water information used in combination with other tools e.g. Yield Prophet or SoilWaterApp empowers growers building confidence in this decision process.

Over time, this project has the capacity to create learning opportunities for growers as they compare yield results, inputs, climate data and soil moisture status at trigger points through each season. Other management decisions like grazing options, stock purchases and marketing decisions may also flow from this knowledge. In water limited farming systems, knowledge of soil moisture status represents the key determinant.

Hilltops Shire- Jugiong Creek Catchment

Communicating Innovations in Precision Agriculture: Expo and Case Studies

Society of Precision Agriculture Australia Inc.


The Precision Agriculture (PA) EXPO brings together farmers and advisors to learn of the practical applications of PA technologies on-farm. It offers information on on-farm stewardship that results in improved land management practices. The use of PA technologies offers landholders new skills, bettered information to improve the triple bottom line along with providing networks to learn and share.

This project aims:

a) To increase the effective use & adoption of PA systems by agricultural producers.

b) To ensure that PA users are challenged & engaged with up-to-date information.

West Wyalong

Pastoral Technology Field Day

Hay Merino Sheep Show Inc.


A pastoral technology field day will be run at Hay, NSW to bring together all current cutting edge pastoral technology ideas. These ideas include; water telemetry, property mapping, drones, electronic stock ID, electric fences, planning and record keeping software.

The field day will allow school children to attend with their parents during the day session and also attend an evening session with demonstrations showcasing drone mustering with sheep from Shear Outback.


Rice Extension Partnership

Ricergrowers Association of Australia Inc.


This project will continue the productivity and sustainability focus of previous projects with irrigators in the Riverina region. New technology will be showcased at the Innovator’s workshop to entice attendance of young capable people from our rural industries.

The #WomeninRice workshop will be an investment in the capacity and skills development program of women in rural areas who have an important role in running farm businesses, managing cropping and livestock enterprises as well as organizing family and community commitments.

Irrigation areas of Murrumbidgee and Coleambally including the towns of Griffith, Yenda, Hay, Leeton, Yanco, Whitton, Coleambally, Darlington Point and their surrounding regions

Mangoplah Producer Group

Petaurus Education Group on behalf of West Hume Landcare


A producer group will be established in the Mangoplagh region in response to farmer requests. Each farmer will contribute $500 to the project. The group will meet five times locally on farm throughout 2018 and will have a two day field trip, to enable them to visit other leading producers in other regions. Topics which will be discussed by the group include:

- Building resilience (in response to variable climate)

- Establishing deep rooted perennial pastures.

- Grazing management and feed budgeting.

- Soil fertility and fertilizer application.

- Integrating livestock and cropping.

- Animal health and welfare.

- Animal production.

- Fodder conservation.

- Financial benchmarking.

Mangoplah region

Innovation Tour and Workshops for broad-acre IrrigatorsIrrigation Research and Extension Committee$12,400

Riverina irrigators will be exposed to a range of irrigation innovations, including automation to improve water use efficiency.  The water reform process over the past 20 years has had a significant impact in the amount of water available for productive use. Irrigation farmers are looking to technology and innovations in order to remain profitable.

Irrigators will visit a number of sites over the three day tour and will learn from innovative farmers with industry best practice skills. It links directly into the Maximising On-Farm Irrigation Profit research project.

Two Irrigation Innovation workshops will also be held in the region to showcase irrigation innovations to local irrigators. A fact sheet will be produced from the workshop for wider distribution.

Gwydir, Darling Downs and Condamine Valleys
Burrangong Creek Rejuvenation ProjectHilltops Shire Council$19,088

This project will see the rejuvenation of a section of the Burrangong Creek, which has been identified as having significant weed and erosion issues. The site is visible and accessible to the community, which will be important in engaging with the community, and in raising awareness of the Project and the issues of the Creek.

The Project will focus on the removal of priority weeds, revegetation of identified erosion hotspots, as well as other erosion control works across the site, the engagement of the community and the establishment of a natural body quality education and monitoring program.

Burrangong Creek in the urban area of the Young township
Native Grasslands Regeneration & Wiradjuri weaving projectThe Wired Lab Ltd$20,000

The ‘Native Grasslands & Wiradjuri Weaving Project’ is an Indigenous collaboration and cultural reclamation project which includes a skills development and knowledge sharing workshop series exploring Wiradjuri culture, Natural Resource Management, plant identification, establishment of a grassland and use of grasses endemic to Wiradjuri Country for cultural objects.

The Wired Lab, 870 Rawilla Rd, Muttama NSW
Coolamon Environmental Precinct stage 1Coolamon Shire Council$20,000

Stage 1 of the Coolamon Environmental Precinct involves the fencing for conservation of 28 hectares of remnant Grey Box endangered ecological community.

This project will link previously funded Natural Resource Management roadside vegetation projects to the North and West of the Coolamon township.

Currently the site is being degraded by unauthorised public use and dumping. Fencing of the site will prevent further degradation and allow the site to be managed for conservation.

This site is home to numerous native species including the endangered superb parrot.

Coolamon Showground
Coolamon Environmental Precinct stage 2Coolamon Shire Council$6,000

Stage 2 involves the fencing of 3 hectares of remnant Grey Box Endangered Ecological Community.

This project will link in with stage 1 of The Coolamon Environmental precinct. It also links into previously funded Natural Resource Management roadside vegetation projects to the North and West of Coolamon township.

Coolamon Showground